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Doing Too Much 0

When Are You Doing Too Much?

2 years ago

About two years ago, Gloria posted a blog entry about a particularly tough contest preparation she had just gone ...

Hit Like a Girl 0

You Hit Like a Girl

3 years ago

Have you ever been told that you hit like a girl, or run like a girl, or do anything ...

Doing it Tough

5 years ago

I was reading a book written by an ex-Navy SEAL some time back, and he talked about part of ...

Mental Benefits of Training

5 years ago

Fitness brings us benefits that go way deeper than the obvious physical ones.  Each time we push ourselves through ...

Henry Rollins 2

Iron and the Soul

5 years ago

Below is an essay which was written by Henry Rollins, a singer/songwriter, spoken word artist, writer, publisher, actor and ...

Building Mental Strength

5 years ago

There’s one common theme among women who have really got their fitness act together, and that is that they’re ...


  • Eggs

    Whole Eggs or Egg Whites – Which is Better For You?

    3 years ago

    Some time back a friend of mine asked me whether or not a piece of advice she had been given by “someone from her gym” was true. ...

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  • Dietary Extremist

    25 Signs That You’re a Dietary Extremist

    3 years ago

    Let’s face it, no one likes to believe or admit that they’re an extremist, but the fact is that extremism in health and fitness is pervasive, particularly ...

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  • Supplements

    The Truth About Dietary Supplements

    3 years ago

    Dietary supplements are one of those things that divide people’s opinions. Some believe that if you’re serious about losing weight and/or being fit and healthy you have ...

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  • Metabolic Damage

    Metabolic Damage

    3 years ago

    Below is a series of three videos produced by Layne Norton on the topic of Metabolic Damage. Layne has been at the forefront of the movement in ...

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  • Ice-Cream

    To Deprive or Not to Deprive?

    4 years ago

    Within fitness there seems to be an ongoing difference of opinions when it comes to treats, cheats, cheat meals and cheat days. The most conservative groups out ...

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