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Million Dollar Baby . . .

Everyone asks the same question . . . “Didn’t she die in the movie?”

Yes, Maggie dies in the movie.  But what matters is how she lived.

She came from nowhere . . . a life of mediocrity.  She had a repressive family who constantly discouraged her and told her she couldn’t.  She had no self-esteem and no identity.

But she did have a dream.

She somehow found the courage and strength within herself to break free from her shackles and fight for that dream, and she achieved it.  Even if just for a moment, Maggie lived her dream.

There’s no tragedy in that.

Most people go through their entire lives without ever realizing their dream . . . without really having lived.

Whether they know it or not, all women have a hidden strength burning within them.  A strength to stand back up . . . to rise above and be great.

Our goal is to spread this message to women and to help them discover their own inner strength. Especially those who have lost hope. Those who have lost themselves.

Our mission is to motivate, inspire and empower women who have been knocked down and lost their identity to get back up and rebuild themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through fitness, to become badass life warriors.

We created this page and our online presence to help and support women who believe it’s time to rise back up and start living life as it was meant to be, in their own transformative journeys.

It’s a man’s world, but the game is changing . . . one day at a time.  One battle at a time.

A powerful, confident woman is a beautiful woman.

Strong is the new sexy.

The movement has begun . . .

Join our revolution . . .

Million Dollar Baby Fitness is made up of Gloria Kaneko and Fabian Colussi.

You can learn more about each of us by clicking on any of the links below.

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