The Essential Exercise Handbook

This FREE e-Book Teaches You the Plain Facts About How to Work Out For Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Are you planning on taking up exercising anytime soon? Are you already exercising but not sure about which program is really best for you? Have you been working out for a while but been disappointed with your results so far?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then “The Essential Exercise Handbook” will be invaluable to you.

It’s written for exercisers of all levels, and will take your understanding of all types of exercise to a new level. It will teach you how to develop a workout program that’s tailored specifically to your body, your situation, and your goals.

Let’s face it, the area of exercise can be pretty confusing. Walk into any gym and you’ll see a dizzying array of equipment and workout classes with fancy-sounding names. Turn on the TV and there’s exercise equipment and toning programs being shoved down your throat.

We wrote “The Essential Exercise Handbook” to save you wasting your time and money on equipment and programs that are simply ineffective or even downright dangerous for you. Some of the facts you’ll learn about are . . .

  • How to start exercising if you’re a complete couch potato.
  • How to start exercising if you’re overweight or obese.
  • How to design your own personal custom-made workout program.
  • Why exercise programs can plateau and how to avoid it.
  • How to get the very best results from your workouts.
  • What type of exercise you should be doing and why.
  • How exercise works with diet for weight loss and muscle-toning.
  • How to monitor your exercise progress the right way.
  • How to turbocharge your results with Supersetting and Pyramid Sets.

Look at champion athletes – they get to where they are by doing the fundamentals extremely well. They don’t waste their time and energy looking for trendy-sounding workouts and programs.

“The Essential Exercise Handbook” will give you the fundamentals you need to reach your goals.

Nothing That’s Free Is Worth Anything . . . Right?


This e-book is valuable. It will save you time fooling around with exercise that’s ineffective or unsuitable for you. It will also stop you from wasting money on workout programs or equipment that will simply never achieve what they claim to do.

“The Essential Exercise Handbook” is 64 pages of usable, eye-opening information that any weight loss or fitness enthusiast will appreciate and benefit from. And unlike most freebies you’ll find online these days, it’s NOT simply a dressed-up sales pitch to get you to buy something.

It’s written by us personally, Gloria Kaneko and Fabian Colussi, we’ve been deeply involved in weight loss and fitness since 2006.

The book is beautifully presented too, if I do say so. It was formatted by Fabian himself – he’s a real perfectionist and a stickler for detail (personally I think he has a little OCD! He he!!)

So Where’s The Catch?

Believe me, there’s no catch! But there is a reason why I’m giving you “The Essential Exercise Handbook” for free . . .

The Essential Exercise Handbook

If you find it really useful and interesting, then you’ll appreciate it. You’ll be grateful that you’ve received something of value and high-quality that didn’t cost you a cent.

Hopefully, you’ll tell your friends and I’ll get more visitors to my websites. Who knows, you may even be impressed enough to buy one of my products sometime! That would be cool!!

If “The Essential Exercise Handbook” is a great read, then my reputation as a weight loss and fitness writer will improve. But if it’s lousy, and just turns out to be one big sales pitch with no substance, then my reputation will be mud. Right?

So as I said, there really is absolutely no catch. Just a helpful insight into the fundamentals of an effective exercise program. And to you . . . it’s completely free!

Just enter your first name and email address in the box to the right.


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