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Happy the Way We Are?

A lot of people say they’re happy the way they are, when the truth is they aren’t.  They only say that to convince themselves it’s OK not to make the effort to change, because all change is painful.

Life is all about change, which means if we avoid pain all the time, we avoid living too.  Then we lie to ourselves and others to try to make it OK.  It’s important to love yourself the way you are, in fact it’s important to always love yourself, but that’s different to being happy or satisfied with the way you are. You should never be satisfied!

To be truly living you have to be growing, and when you’re not satisfied, it means you have more living to do.  When you’re satisfied, there is no reason to grow!

It’s the same with all areas of your life – your body, your mind, your career, your relationships, your spirituality, and so on.  So don’t be afraid to take a good look at yourself, tell yourself that you love yourself the way you are, but that you can be better and want to be better!

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Gloria Kaneko is a lifetime 100% natural IFBB Figure athlete, certified gym instructor and personal trainer, and fitness model. She has also studied clinical psychology, is an NLP Master Practitioner, and has several certifications in Hypnotherapy and the Silva Method. Gloria is a co-owner and co-founder of Million Dollar Baby Fitness.

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